Olympic Games 2020 TOKYO


Fencers may ask for a review of a decision by video refereeing


  • In individual events, each fencer has two possible appeals in direct elimination bouts and one appeal in a pool bout. Should the referee agree with fencer who appealed for video-refereeing, the fencer retains the right of appeal.
  • In team events, the fencers have the right to a single appeal for video-refereeing per relay and are entitled to retain this right should the referee agree with this appeal.
  • In case of an appeal for video-refereeing, the referee will walk over to the refereeing consultant. They will watch the video together and, after consultation with the consultant delegate, the referee will give his final decision. No other review of the same action can be requested.
  • If the fencers’ scores are level at the end of the match, the referee must use video refereeing for the decisive hit.
  • The refereeing consultant may request that a referee review a decision at any time.